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“I must say that Jody did a great job for a relative of mine that got in trouble recently. I like the fact that he stayed in touch with us and helped us with real time facts!! Also he didn’t promise anything that he didn’t deliver! This guy is straightforward and does a great job for the price – I highly recommend him if you get in trouble or if you’re the family that is paying the fees for an attorney!!!”

— D.M.

“Jody handled a legal case for me and was very professional and courteous. He made an unpleasant situation completely painless. I will not hesitate to contact Jody in the future for my legal needs. Best in the business!!!!”

— former client

“Mr. Jody Peterman is an excellent lawyer for all types of cases. My case was particularly difficult because it not only dealt with the criminal proceedings but also the professional state licensure board. He did an outstanding job of communication and is definitely a trustworthy and honorable figure in the community. Mr. Jody believes in the freedoms we hold today and will fight for what is right to the best of his ability. Thank you Mr. Jody!”

— former client

“Mr. Peterman is a great lawyer and represents himself and his clients with professionalism. He has the characteristics of a winner!”

— former client

“Mr. Peterman is a very determined and passionate individual to say the least. After reaching out to lawyer after lawyer and having my case pretty much turned down, Mr. Peterman did not only accept the challenge, but ensured me that he’d do his best with the case. He and staff were very professional and responsive through out my case. I felt I could rely on him and did not have to stress if he was keeping his word. Definitely one of the most qualified and proven lawyers in the South Georgia area.”

— former client

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jody Peterman and his staff. They were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. And they won my case! Highly recommend!”

— former client

“Best attorney I have ever used. Very professional!”

— J.H.

“Very experienced trial lawyer. Best choice.”

— N.D.

“Jody Peterman continues to be one of the best defense attorneys in the South GA area. He’s someone I would refer to any friends or family in need of an attorney! I’ve personally used Jody Peterman on two occasions and recommended him to others as well. Jody is honest, trustworthy and will work hard for you. His attention to detail is unparalleled and goes into every case 100% and leaves no stone unturned. If you find yourself in need of an attorney look no further than Jody D. Peterman, LLC.”

— F.C.

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