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3 things you need to do after a car accident

Imagine driving to your favorite store in Valdosta for some retail therapy after a long week at work. As you come to a stop behind other cars at the intersection, the car behind you does not. Now your car vaguely resembles an accordion and you halve a range of injuries that may keep you out of work for at least couple of weeks.

When you become a victim of a negligent driver, it can cost you time and money and even result in mental anguish. But, you should not have to pay because of someone else's reckless act. Like many others after a car accident, you might be able to file a personal injury claim. However, there are a few things you should to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. For some tips on what to do after a car accident, read further.

Common expenses associated with serious car wrecks

Simply having your own car is a major source of expenditures. You have to pay for the car, as well as its registration. That means you also have to pay for liability insurance for when you drive. There's also gas, oil and filter changes and other regular maintenance expenses. Whether you are in school or working full time, you need reliable transportation to get where you're headed every day. Owning your own vehicle isn't cheap, but it is practically a requirement for modern adults.

A lot of people think that if they have proper insurance on their vehicle, they don't have anything to worry about if they experience a crash or collision. In reality, insurance doesn't always pay for the expenses related to an accident. Sometimes, there's an issue with your coverage. Other times, the other driver may not have had one's legally required insurance coverage. Knowing the expenses related to a car accident can help you determine if you have adequate insurance coverage in place.

The emergency signs and symptoms of a spinal cord injury

While you never want to suffer any type of injury in a motor vehicle accident, some are more serious than others. A spinal cord injury has a way of changing your life forever, as this can lead to paralysis among a variety of other concerns.

Here are some of the emergency signs and symptoms of a spinal cord injury:

  • Impaired breathing after the accident
  • Extreme pressure in your neck, back or head
  • Extreme pain in your neck, back or head
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Tingling or loss of sensation in your toes, feet, fingers or hands
  • Difficulty walking or balancing

What if the police make a mistake in their report?

Georgia police aren't perfect when they're tending to an accident scene. There have been many cases in which police officers assigned fault to the wrong person. When this happens, the wrong person will be liable for injuries and damages.

Because a police officer could make mistakes -- and because you'll want to refer to the police report later -- you should ask to receive a copy of the police report after the officer files it.

What happens when car insurance won't cover your losses?

You've invested in a great auto insurance policy and paid your premium for years. You're a careful driver, but then one day you get into an accident caused by another driver. Maybe the other person ran a red light or failed to stop. Maybe he or she turned or merged into you without checking the lane due to distraction. Whatever the cause, you likely assume that your insurance or the insurance of the other driver will cover the property damage and medical costs associated with the crash.

Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Sometimes the other driver has decided to break the law by getting behind the wheel without an active insurance policy on the vehicle. Other times, the injuries and damage to your vehicle far exceed the coverage of a policy that only offers the Georgia state minimum coverage.

A serious slip-and-fall accident can change your life

Many people think that slip-and-fall accidents aren't serious. After all, media often shows people falling dramatically and recovering with nothing but bruised pride. In the real world, a sudden slip on a wet floor can have dire consequences for someone. Depending on how you land, you could end up with severe injuries. Your injuries could prevent you from returning to work for some time.

In cases of head or spinal injuries, you may find yourself permanently disabled to some degree. That could keep you from working or even require full-time care. A slip-and-fall accident can be quite serious.

Traumatic brain injuries are common in car accidents

When you get behind the wheel of a car, truck or SUV, you assume some risk. Although you can drive hundreds or thousands of times with no issue, statistically, you will probably experience at least one motor vehicle crash in your life.

Many times, these crashes are minor and result in mostly damage to your vehicle. Other times, a motor vehicle crash can cause substantial injuries, even death. Georgia's Office of Highway Safety was predicting about 1,130 fatalities on the road in 2016, with no 2017 estimate yet available. They also predicted more than 111,000 injuries due to crashes last year.

Is your college-aged child facing criminal drug charges?

College is a time of growth and learning. For a lot of young people, that process includes making some ridiculous mistakes. You may not want to imagine what your college student is doing with his or her spending cash and free time on the weekends.

As long as there are no legal consequences, you can simply hope that your child will finish this experimentation phase and move into adulthood seamlessly. Unfortunately, college students get arrested for drug charges every day in Georgia. Whether your child is facing possession or possession with intent to distribute, legal guidance is advisable.

Info you should gather after a car accident

One car crash can turn your whole life upside down. You may be unable to pay car repair and medical bills, plus any injuries you endured may prevent you from working for a while. A car accident claim may be necessary to keep you on your feet financially. The more info you have, the more likely you are to file a claim successfully.

Here's the information you should gather after a crash:

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