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The law on trafficking ecstasy in Georgia

There is a big difference under the law between having mere possession of an illegal drug and trafficking that drug. Law enforcement is committed to stopping those who circulate and sell illegal drugs. For this reason, anyone who is found with a large possession of an illegal drug will be assumed to have the intent to sell, and could ultimately face much more severe legal consequences.

If you have been found with ecstasy in your possession in Georgia, the legal consequences you will face will depend on the amount that you have on your possession. Ecstasy, otherwise known as MDMA, is a Schedule I drug which means that it has a high potential for abuse. The following is an overview of what you need to know if you have been accused of trafficking ecstasy.

What are the gun control laws in Georgia?

All states have their own laws when it comes to gun control. This is why, as a gun owner, you should pay close attention not just to federal laws, but also the state laws that apply to where you live or where you are visiting.

In Georgia, gun control laws are fairly mild in comparison to other states in the country. For example, unlike many other states, there is no waiting period in Georgia to buy a gun. However, there are waiting periods for licenses to carry guns.

How can I defend myself against shoplifting in Georgia?

It's common for customers to be accused of shoplifting, and such instances can be simply a case of misunderstanding. However, if the business owner who accused you decided to call the police or file charges against you, you may find yourself needing to defend yourself in court.

If you are unable to successfully defend yourself, you may face significant fines or even a criminal record as a result of a shoplifting charge. This is why it is particularly important that you take the time to understand how the law applies to your situation and the possible defense options available.

Am I a victim of negligent security?

Whenever you are on a public premises, whether it's a shopping mall, restaurant or hotel, you have the right to be reasonably protected from dangers and hazards. This is because the premises owner has the responsibility to keep all their guests safe. This means that they should be actively maintaining their property and checking for potential hazards and risks.

While these potential dangers could take the form of a discarded object on a stairwell, a malfunctioning electricity socket or a slippery floor, a potential danger could also be people. If you have been assaulted, robbed or otherwise injured by another person on a public premises, the premises that you were on at the time could be to blame.

How liability for an injury on a premises is established

If you were recently injured on a premises in Georgia, you may have suffered financial damages in addition to significant pain and suffering. If this was the case, you will likely be wondering whether you can take legal action against the responsible party so that you can gain back the damages you are owed.

This can be possible to do in many cases, but to be successful you will need to prove that the party you are taking action against was liable for your injuries. If you are unsure whether the premises in question was liable for your injuries, take the time to better understand the law.

Common questions about accidents on a hotel premises

If you were hurt while in a hotel, it's possible that you suffered financial damages because of the medical bills that you needed to pay. You may have also lost wages if you needed to take time off to recover. In addition to financial damages, you may have gone through a significant amount of pain and suffering due to the incident.

In many cases, an accident while in a hotel is just that: an accident. But sometimes, it can be possible to attribute the cause of the accident to negligence on the part of the premises owner or manager. If you can show that a lack of action led to the injuries you suffered, you may be able to claim back damages. If you have suffered injuries after staying in a hotel and you believe that the hotel's negligence directly led to the injury, you should make sure that you understand the law in Georgia.

Parents: What to expect as your child recovers from brain trauma

Your child was heading back to college when you got a call that is a parent's worst nightmare: They were involved in a serious collision hundreds of miles from home.

Now, you've spent hours on the road, made it to your destination and see that your child is in pretty bad shape. The doctors have warned you that they have a brain injury, and that injury could shape their future.

Common drug possession defenses used in Georgia

Georgia is one of the stricter states when it comes to the regulation of drugs. Being found in possession of even the smallest amount of an illegal substance could lead to criminal charges that could heavily affect the course of your life. This is why you must react quickly to any accusations of drug possession so that you can build a compelling defense.

The defense strategy that you build will depend on the individual circumstances regarding the accusation. The following are some of the most common forms of defense that are used in response to drug possession accusations in Georgia.

Avoid common mistakes when making a personal injury claim

Being involved in a car accident can affect a person's life profoundly. Due to the negligent or reckless actions of another driver, victims may suffer life-altering injuries, huge medical bills and emotional trauma. No one should have to deal with this unjust experience, but unfortunately for many, this continues to be a reality.

If you have recently been involved in an accident that led to substantial damages, you may want to consider making a personal injury claim. When successful, plaintiffs can gain back damages for financial losses, as well as for the pain and suffering caused. Before making a personal injury claim, make sure that you avoid some of the most common mistakes.

Protecting your child from cocaine charges in Georgia

When your children are very young, it's possible to have control over their behavior and put rules and limitations in place. As they grow older, they will become more independent and autonomous regarding their decisions. By the time they go to college, your children will likely be in complete control over the decisions that they make, and they will also face the consequences of the behavior they engage in.

If you are worried that your child has become involved with drugs such as cocaine while at college in Georgia, it is understandable that, as a parent, you will be concerned about this. Not only can drugs be dangerous and addictive, but they can also lead to serious legal consequences that could negatively affect their future.

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