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When a person has been accused of rape or another type of sex offense, they will need to find a defense attorney with whom they feel comfortable speaking. At Jody D. Peterman, LLC, our founder and lead attorney has more than 25 years of legal experience. In addition to that, he is approachable. If you are facing serious allegations of a sex crime, you will feel comfortable sitting down and talking to him about this very private issue.

At Jody D. Peterman, LLC, in Valdosta, Georgia, we are selective about the cases we take, so our efforts are focused on protecting the rights and freedom of people facing the most serious criminal charges. We help people who are under investigation or have been arrested on the basis of serious sex crime allegations.

The vast majority of our clients are good people who have fallen into deep legal trouble. They may have made a mistake or done something out of character. They may have been wrongly accused. By talking to us, you will be able to tell your story of what occurred. From there, we can begin to build the best possible defense strategy on your behalf.

We Help You Identify Your Priorities During This Difficult Time

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for a sex crime, there are four important items that our defense lawyer encourages you to keep in mind:

  • You do not need to talk to law enforcement before talking to an attorney. Talking to law enforcement can be a mistake. Don’t make that mistake; reach out to our law firm for help now.
  • You have to be aware of the fact that an arrest is not a conviction. At Jody D. Peterman, LLC, we can build a strategic defense to help you avoid a conviction and the potential penalties, which can include jail time and mandatory registration as a sex offender.
  • You need an attorney who is more than a criminal defense attorney. You need an attorney with the necessary and in-depth knowledge of how to handle sex crime defense. That attorney is Jody D. Peterman.
  • You need an attorney who is trustworthy and nonjudgmental. We will not judge you.

We are selective about the sex crime cases we take. We focus on advocating for people facing the most serious sex crime charges.

We Will Be Truthful With You And Encourage Honesty

The more trust that exists in the attorney-client relationship, the better. While there are many ways in which an arrest for a sex crime can occur, the following are common scenarios that we want our clients to be honest about:

  • Statutory rape and date rape cases involving a male over age 18 and a minor female, often on college campuses
  • Stepfather-stepdaughter cases
  • Juvenile cases involving minors being exposed to pornography on cellphones, tablets and computers
  • False allegations, sometimes for the “victim” to obtain leverage over the defendant

We want our criminal defense clients to be honest with us about what happened. We want to understand the motivations, situations and allegations surrounding the charges. In return, we tell our clients the truth. We do not over-sell or elaborate; rather, we provide honest assessments and fact-driven representation.

We Have A Solid Record Of Sexual Assault Defense

Between 70 and 80% of sex crime cases that we handle are dismissed before charges are ever brought. Of the charges that are brought, the majority of those are either dismissed or brought to a jury trial with the finding of not guilty. We are selective about the cases we accept. Our defense attorney is dedicated and committed to protecting the future of clients who are facing serious sex crime charges.

Contact An Experienced Sex Crimes Defense Attorney In Lowndes County

Even if your sex crime case does not fall into one of the scenarios described above, Jody D. Peterman, LLC, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Please call 229-588-2608 or complete our contact form. Our office is in Valdosta, and we represent clients throughout Georgia.