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Valdosta Truck Accident Attorney

Tractor-trailers pose threats that other vehicles do not. Their size alone makes them more dangerous than other vehicles on the road. This usually means that the injuries and damages are much worse in truck accidents than in other wrecks.

At Jody D. Peterman, LLC, we can help you seek compensation for your injuries after a semi-truck crash. We assist clients in Valdosta, Lowndes County and throughout South Georgia.

Helping People Who Have Been Injured In Truck Accidents on I-75

Interstate 75 (I-75) is a major transportation corridor that runs through Valdosta and the entire state of Georgia. Heavy semi-truck traffic can make I-75 dangerous for other drivers. All it takes is one truck driver to become distracted or lose control to cause an accident.

Investigating Drivers And Trucking Companies On Your Behalf

To ensure that motorists are safe on the road, trucking companies are required to adhere to federal regulations. If you come to us after a truck accident, we will investigate your situation to determine whether:

  • The truck driver had worked too many hours
  • The truck had received proper maintenance
  • The truck’s load was properly secured
  • The driver was distracted by a cellphone or other device
  • The driver was intoxicated
  • The driver had a history of traffic violations

Taking On Big Insurance Companies For You

If you have suffered a serious truck injury, it is important to seek legal advice immediately. Trucking companies have their own insurance companies protecting them, and they will do everything in their power to deny you compensation.

We know what tricks trucking companies try to use to avoid liability after an accident. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can start collecting evidence to support your personal injury claim.

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