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Why you should install a dash cam

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Car crashes can happen in the blink of an eye and leave behind devastating and life-long effects on victims. Victims often suffer from property damages, financial burdens, long-term medical conditions and losses. 

It’s not uncommon for victims to feel overwhelmed and confused after a car accident. However, the seconds immediately after a car crash may be the most important. It’s crucial that victims take the right steps to help secure the compensation they deserve. 

One thing that helps many victims be compensated for their medical expenses and losses is evidence of the accident. Evidence of a car crash may include police reports and pictures. People who anticipate the possibility of a crash can be proactive and install dash cameras in their cars. Here’s what you should know;

Catching first-hand evidence 

The purpose of a dash camera is to catch first-hand evidence of the events that led up to and after a collision. These are especially useful if a driver who caused an accident is claiming they were a victim. Victims can then provide the video evidence as proof to refute the claim. 

There are many things people should know about dash cams before installing them in their cars. For starters, people have multiple choices of dash cams. Most people install front-facing cameras and sometimes back-facing cameras. People can also install 360-degree cameras that capture video of the front, back and side windows. 

People should also be aware of a dash camera’s video quality. A higher video quality means the image is clearer. Some dash cams can also provide night vision, which would be helpful if an auto accident happened at night.

Some dash cameras can also provide audio recordings that may be helpful if an auto accident leads to a verbal altercation. A dash cam may also have a driver motion setting that would turn on the camera once a car is in motion or if a car was hit while it was not moving.

Choosing the right dash camera is just as important as knowing your rights. If you’re in a car accident, understanding your legal options could benefit you when you seek compensation for injuries and losses. 


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