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Move over laws are meant to make roads safer

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most Georgia drivers have experienced slowed or stopped traffic because of vehicles ahead of them with lights flashing. People are expected to be attentive to these vehicles to avoid auto accidents. However, since many drivers drive as they normally do whether the road ahead is clear or not, the state has put into effect what is known as a move over law.

Understanding the requirements of these laws

Drivers must adhere to these laws when they are approaching a vehicle with flashing lights. They must either change lanes or they must reduce their speed below the speed limit while being ready to stop.

Drivers can receive a fine of $500 and three points on their driver’s license for violating this law. There could be other consequences, particularly if there is an auto accident and people are injured. Raised insurance rates is a separate problem that could arise.

These laws are in place to give police, firefighters, ambulance crews, road maintenance workers and tow truck drivers who are stationed on the road a sense of safety by providing them with sufficient room to do their jobs without fear that a speeding driver will crash into them. Still, these types of motor vehicle accidents continue to happen because drivers ignore the law.

Know if a driver violated the law in a collision

Despite move over laws being in place, many drivers simply ignore them. This puts workers who are just trying to do their jobs at risk. Since these accidents can cause severe injuries and fatalities, knowing whether the crash happened because of a legal violation can be essential when deciding what steps need to be taken and how to move forward making a full recovery physically, financially and personally.


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