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Trials for new spinal injury treatment yield positive results

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Catastrophic Injuries, Personal Injury |

Clinical trials for a neuro-spinal scaffold have brought hope to many who have suffered from severe spinal cord injuries. If you’re in Georgia and were the victim of this life-changing type of injury, this may be something you’ll want to know about.

A scaffold that treats an injured spine

These nationwide clinical trials began after trials on animals were shown to be successful. Sixteen individuals took part in the trial, aged 16 to 70 years old.

Each participant had suffered catastrophic injuries to their spinal column, specifically in the thoracic section. This 12-vertebrae section starts at the base of the neck and goes down to the lower part of the rib cage.

For the new treatment, the investigational neuro-spinal scaffold is placed in the spinal cord. This scaffold was created by InVivo Therapeutics Corporation.

The device is made of a highly porous biopolymer. This material will break down over the course of the treatment until the body fully absorbs it.

The results from the trial bring good news for numerous spinal injury sufferers. Those who received treatment with the scaffold regained some sensation in the paralyzed areas. The rate was somewhat higher than those who had similar injuries and didn’t have the scaffold.

Benefits in the long-term

There were further positive indications in a follow-up two years after the start of the study. Researchers found more improvement in some patients who received the treatment without complications.

With severe spinal cord injuries, the spinal cord has been physically damaged. In most cases, this leaves nerve transmission disrupted. The injury victim will likely experience swelling in the area where the damage occurred in the aftermath of the injury. This puts more pressure on your spinal cord. In some cases can cut off the flow of blood to the nerves that are still alive.

This device is an innovative treatment for those with severe spinal cord injuries. So far, the results from these trials have been positive, which has brought some much-needed hope to sufferers of these injuries.


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