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Warning signs of drug use in your teenager

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Teen drug use is a major public health problem in Georgia. Teens today have access to a wide array of drugs, and some children are starting to use them at younger ages than you might have realized. In fact, there are children as young as 12 who are using drugs. There are certain behaviors that you can look out for that could indicate drug use.

Top warning signs of drug use

Behavior changes, such as losing interest in family activities, failing to respect other family members and even just spending a lot of time in their room could all be signs that they’re using drugs. Additionally, lying, breaking curfew and having drug paraphernalia are also signs of drug use.

The most popular drug for teens over the age of 14 is marijuana, but teens between the ages of 15 and 17 are most likely to start with alcohol. Start by observing your teen for signs like the smell of alcohol or marijuana after they come home from events where there may be drugs present. Some teens may also do drugs or drink after school with their friends.

At school, they might have performance issues, such as poor grades, truancy and loss of interest in extracurricular activities. Drug use is a drug crime, so catching these behavior problems early can prevent larger consequences later on.

Cocaine use

While cocaine isn’t the first drug that teens typically use, if they turn to it, they could face serious legal ramifications along with health consequences. Georgia is particularly tough on people who commit drug offenses. Once your teenager is a legal adult, they could face up to 30 years in prison if they’re caught possessing cocaine.

If you think that your teenager is using drugs of any kind, early intervention is typically the best strategy. There are many community resources available to help teens stop using drugs.


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