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Truck collisions and fatigued drivers

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

When people think of truck accidents, they might envision jackknife collisions or tailgating incidents. A post-collision investigation might reveal that driver fatigue was responsible when these and other accidents may occur on Georgia roads. Truckers who travel while impaired by drowsiness could face civil lawsuits for their negligent behavior.

Truck drivers and drowsiness

Federal regulations ban drivers from working too many hours. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration notes that truck drivers may drive 11 consecutive hours but only after 10 straight hours spent not behind the wheel. Drivers who ignore these rules could face liability claims if they cause a collision. Trucking companies that don’t enforce these rules might also be in legal trouble.

Other factors might cause fatigued driving even when the truck driver takes all mandatory breaks. Illnesses can cause drowsiness, so drivers suffering from the flu or a cold might find themselves fighting to stay alert. Some medicines could cause fatigue, and they may warn people not to operate machinery or drive when using them.

Intoxication often causes fatigue. Drivers who operate a truck under the influence pose a dangerous risk to other vehicles and pedestrians. There could be severe legal consequences for causing an accident while under the influence.

Drowsy driving and accidents

Truck accidents may occur when a tired driver cannot maintain their perceptions of the road. Fatigue saps concentration, and a truck driver might not see a red light or another vehicle until it’s too late. Reaction time slows when someone suffers from tiredness, and sharp reactions often become necessary to avoid a crash. A driver might outright fall asleep at the wheel, making it virtually impossible to stop a collision unless the driver wakes in time.

Fatigued driving is dangerous. Truck drivers who choose to operate a tractor-trailer while excessively tired may cause a crash. Civil and criminal consequences could follow.


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