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Truck accident litigation timelines

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Victims of truck accidents may experience significant financial losses due to their injuries. The financial fallout from a truck accident in Georgia could leave the victim dealing with debts from medical-related expenses and income losses. Such victims understandably would like to settle a civil claim with the liable party without delay. However, the claims process might take longer than expected when dealing with truck collisions.

Truck accidents and settlement timelines

Civil actions against a negligent truck driver could involve many things not always common in car accidents. For one, a truck may inflict greater damage to property and people than a vehicle. So, the injuries could be more catastrophic, meaning the requested compensation might be substantial.

Claimants may need to provide a great deal of evidence to substantiate their losses. Collecting and gathering evidence from witnesses, police reports and other sources may take time. A truck driver could dispute claims of negligence. For example, an intoxicated truck driver might state that lab reports or breathalyzers are inaccurate, adding to the investigation process.

Also, trucks could cause multi-car collisions, resulting in a more complex investigation. Other drivers may share fault for the accident, adding other negligent parties to the claim. Investigations may need to break down the various parties’ percentage of contributory negligence.

Other issues with truck accidents

Poor maintenance might lead to truck accidents, and the driver may never realize that the truck assigned to them was in poor shape. So, investigations might point to employers, repair professionals or even the truck’s manufacturer as the responsible party. Discovering who is at fault might take time. Lawsuits and insurance claims against various defendants could also add to the time required to settle.

Insurance companies might face large sums in the claims. So, providers could force the claimant into lengthy negotiations. Following through with intense negotiations may help the victims avoid accepting a low settlement offer. Even with a settlement, suing above the policy limits might be necessary to recover losses. If the insurance policy doesn’t cover punitive damages, a lawsuit could be the only way to procure them.


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