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Reasons for truck crashes

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Commercial trucks are a common sight throughout the state of Georgia. Drivers frequently reach their destinations without problems, but accidents involving these oversized vehicles happen. Accident victims will typically want to know the reasons for the crash since any negligent behavior opens doors to insurance claims or litigation. Also, knowing the common reasons truck accidents occur might help those wishing to improve their defensive driving capabilities.

Reasons for truck crashes

Speeding plays a role in scores of big rig accidents because tractor-trailers require more stopping distance the faster the vehicles move. If the truck must come to a stop to avoid slowed traffic, excess speed may undermine that goal. Tailgating is dangerous by itself, and the hazard level increases when the driver travels too fast.

Impaired driving continues to cause deadly truck accidents. A truck driver may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs that impair perceptions, reactions and judgment. Sometimes, the driver may take over-the-counter medication to deal with a cold or flu. The resultant drowsiness might contribute to a crash.

Driver fatigue might also derive from not taking mandatory breaks. Federal law requires breaks after driving a specific number of hours. Truckers and their employer could be liable when not adhering to these rules.

Additional accident causes

Maintenance problems can also cause issues that lead to accidents. Faulty brakes make it difficult to stop the truck regardless of how fast it’s traveling. When there is a tire blowout, the result could be devastating. The driver might lose control of the truck, and debris from the exploded tire may hit someone.

Truck collisions could cause significant damage when involving multiple cars. Of course, even a single-vehicle collision might cost someone their life. A subsequent lawsuit could result in a substantial amount of compensation awarded by a jury to the victims.


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