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Truck accident evidence

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Truck collisions rank among the most potentially devastating accidents on Georgia roads. Trucks can inflict enormous damage on other vehicles, increasing the chances of catastrophic or fatal injuries. Victims dealing with the aftermath of truck crashes may file a civil lawsuit. Gathering sufficient and appropriate evidence may help their case.

Truck accident evidence

Evidence takes many forms and includes anything that reveals proof of negligence or substantiates losses. Insufficient evidence could hamper a liability lawsuit and put plaintiffs in a weak position. Clear and compelling evidence, such as dashcam footage showing a tractor-trailer committing a gross moving violation before impact, might support a victim’s claims.

Not every vehicle has a dashcam to capture live video, but post-accident video and photographs may prove valuable. Moving and still images could document the accident scene, revealing property damage and people’s injuries.

Eyewitnesses might provide credible testimony that overcomes a negligent driver’s false claims of innocence. Procuring contact information from an eyewitness should be a priority for those involved in a crash.

Further evidence

Calling the police to the scene of motor vehicle accidents could help calm a situation. Also, the police would investigate and document events and statements in a police report. A negligent truck driver could make statements pointing to their guilt, such as admissions of moving violations or the use of illegal drugs. The statements and other components of the police report could work against the truck driver in court.

Medical reports may prove valuable when seeking compensation for injuries, related care and costs. These reports might assist with punitive claims in wrongful death lawsuits.

Expert witness testimony may be valuable. An expert could point out that only a truck traveling far above the speed limit could inflict such harm. Such testimony could help a civil case.


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