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Poor maintenance and truck accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

The aftermath of a truck accident might result in Georgia investigators looking for the cause. Many times, intoxicated driving, drowsy driving, and moving violations contribute to the collision. Such reasons reflect a driver’s negligence and recklessness. However, drivers are not always at fault for truck crashes. Sometimes, poor maintenance is the reason for the accident.

Poor maintenance and truck accidents

Wear and tear might affect a truck more than a standard car. After all, a tractor-trailer spends many hours on the road each week, traveling thousands of miles. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the truck’s owner to stay on top of essential repairs. Any mechanic tasked with maintenance needs to perform the job properly to ensure safety.

If a mechanic does a poor job or cuts corners, the mechanic and their employer could face a negligence claim when an accident results. The same might be true if the trucking company does not keep on top of truck maintenance. Allowing trucks with worn tires or failing brakes to remain in the fleet could be highly negligent behavior. Yet, some trucking companies could ignore vital repairs and services to save money.

Other maintenance issues require checks, too. Determining whether fluid levels are acceptable may prevent problems like an overheated truck. If the truck stalls on the road, accidents may happen if someone crashes into it.

Liabilities and damages

When negligence leads to Georgia truck crashes, expect the victims to take legal action. They may sue all parties contributing to the harm suffered, including the truck’s driver, the trucking company, other vehicles involved in the collision, and possibly others.

A lawsuit or insurance liability claim may seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Some victims might seek punitive damages when the injuries suffered are severe and the negligent party was determined to be highly reckless.


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