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What is a truck’s black box, and what does its data contain?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Each commercial truck that regularly travels across the roads in Georgia is equipped with a black box that records various data. These devices are mandatory per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They’re also crucial in proving the circumstances leading up to a truck accident.

Understanding a truck’s black box

All commercial trucks are equipped with a black box that records data from the vehicle’s travels. If a truck collision occurs, the black box is integral in an investigation because it can show information about the truck driver’s performance and what led to the accident.

The black box is formally known as an event data recorder (EDR). It’s a small device that records data that is transmitted to the trucking company. If the truck is owned by a third party, the data from the black box is sent to that party.

Information stored in a black box

The black box installed in a truck normally records data over a 30-day period. After that time frame, the data is overwritten so that the next month’s information can be recorded. There are various things included in the black box that can be used as evidence in the event that a truck accident occurs. The truck’s speed just prior to the accident is among the data recorded.

Black box data includes many details about the driver’s performance. Such information includes when the driver applied the brakes, following distance, airbag deployment, tire pressure, how often the truck traveled over the speed limit, excessive hours of travel, force of impact and clutch engagement. The black box also records data about throttle position, tilt of the truck, whether the seatbelt was used and various maintenance issues.

Truck accidents are often devastating for victims. Using evidence from the truck’s black box might make a difference in an lawsuit or insurance claim.


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