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Facial injuries from car crashes

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Catastrophic Injuries |

A Georgia vehicle collision could result in severe trauma to the neck, back, limbs, and internal organs. Not everyone realizes that accident victims may suffer facial injuries during a crash. Such injuries might result when a driver or passenger’s face hits the windshield, dashboard or steering wheel. Depending on the impact, even someone in the backseat could experience trauma to the face. Hitting the front seats or going over the front seats may result in extensive facial damage.

Accidents and facial injuries

Lacerations could happen when someone’s face connects with broken windshield glass or shattered plastic components. Even superficial cuts might require many stitches to close, and the victim may lose a lot of blood.

Various facial and cranial bones may shatter when colliding with hard surfaces. Victims may experience a broken jaw and many lost teeth from the impact. Other injuries could include a fractured orbital bone, which may contribute to eye trauma.

Victims might bite their tongues on impact, sometimes severely. The face may suffer burns when contacting anything hot or when exposed to chemicals. Ultimately, accident victims could face a wide range of injuries to the facial area, and their harm might extend to the torso and lower body.

Pain, suffering and treatment

Immediate medical care might be necessary to save someone’s life after a collision. A person who suffers a fractured skull might need complex surgeries to save them. Others could face a medically induced coma. Appropriate care varies from one victim to another since each victim may deal with different degrees of injury severity.

Medical bills could be enormous when suffering catastrophic injuries. A victim may spend weeks in the hospital and require extensive rehabilitation afterward. Facial injuries might involve several cosmetic surgeries in the aftermath, as well.

Civil actions, such as lawsuits or insurance claims, may yield compensation. Victims could use the funds to address their challenging financial situation.


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