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How does improper cargo loading lead to truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Every single day, huge commercial trucks travel across Georgia’s roads. While many of these vehicles are safe, others get into accidents that leave destruction in their wake. Some truck accidents are caused by improper cargo loading. This is how that happens.

Cargo load is too heavy

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established a weight limit for trucks. If the cargo a truck is carrying puts it over that limit or if the cargo itself is too heavy, it can lead to problems. The truck could become bogged down and difficult to control. The driver might lose the ability to safely steer and brake when necessary.

When cargo is too heavy, it can also result in a rollover accident, which can be deadly.

Cargo load is unbalanced

Unbalanced cargo loading is dangerous because it causes the load to be uneven. This can lead to a rollover truck accident or cause different parts of the truck to malfunction. Trucks also commonly end up in jackknife accidents when their cargo is unbalanced.

Cargo load is poorly secured

Cargo must be properly secured on the truck, or else disaster can strike. If the tie-downs are worn out and frayed or in good condition but improperly secured, it can result in the cargo coming loose and spilling out all over the road. Regardless of what’s in the cargo, this can be dangerous for anyone in vehicles behind the truck. Things can hit other vehicles or litter on the road, which can cause multi-vehicle accidents. Victims could also be killed by the debris from the cargo.

If a truck’s cargo isn’t properly loaded, it can have serious consequences for anyone who happens to be near the truck.


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