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Legal drugs and DUI charges

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Anyone who drinks and drives may face serious charges in a Georgia courtroom. The same might be true when the person is under the influence of illegal drugs. Those who think that they won’t face any charges when using prescription drugs could be sorely mistaken. Both prescription and legal drug use may support a DUI charge.

Legal drugs and DUI charges

Anyone who is too impaired to drive a vehicle may face criminal charges. Under the law, any substance that hampers a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely could support a drunk driving charge. Other elements apply, such as driving the vehicle or physically controlling it.

If someone has a legal prescription for painkillers, the person might feel drowsy or is incapable of driving safely. The same could be the case when the drugs are over-the-counter medications. Ultimately, when drivers cannot operate their vehicles safely, they jeopardize other people’s lives. A DUI collision could leave others suffering life-altering injuries or fatalities. Additional criminal charges may follow such an accident.

However, even though the police may arrest someone for a legal drug-related DUI charge, the charges could be dubious. The accused might then fight the charges in court.

Defending against DUI charges

Pertinent questions might center on whether the driver was truly impaired to a degree they could not operate the vehicle safely. The amount of legal drugs in a person’s system may not be enough to cause impairment. DUI charges require proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Casting doubt on intoxication may help the defendant’s case.

Claims that someone not behind the wheel maintained physical control could be questionable. Sometimes, evidence might prove otherwise, hurting the prosecution’s case. These are just some examples of defense approaches to DUI charges.


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