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Georgia sees upsurge in railway collisions

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Georgia has recently seen an unfortunate surge in the number of collisions between cars and trains. The number of highway rail-grade crossing accidents that took place in 2021 has been set at 2,131. This is a major upsurge that places Georgia third behind only Texas and California for total collisions.

Railroad crossings are a source of danger

A new study by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is the source for these stats. According to details released in the study, there were 237 railroad crossing fatalities in 2021. There were also an additional 653 catastrophic injuries. Nearly 68% of all recorded collisions occurred in Texas, California, and Georgia.

There were a number of reasons that were cited as contributing to the higher than normal rate of collisions. There were more drivers on Georgia roads in 2021 as the lockdown enforced during the pandemic came to an end. Many drivers were guilty of basic safety violations, such as speeding or not wearing seat belts.

What to do after a collision

There may be a limited time for you to pursue any kind of compensation after a railway collision. If you believe you were not at fault, you can file a claim.

You should ask for all records that are related to your medical treatment. This should include records related to any surgeries, medications, or physical rehab that you may have received in the wake of the crash. This will be evidence you will need to have handy when you file your claim with your insurance company.

You should also try to obtain statements from police, emergency medical personnel, and any bystanders that witnessed the crash. Try to get photos of your injuries, your vehicle, and the accident scene. This is additional evidence that will strengthen your case.


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