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Top reasons why truck accidents usually take place

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

No one wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, and especially in one with a tractor-trailer rig. They also happen far too often in the state of Georgia where pass-through commercial traffic is both abundant and constant. And when truck accidents happen, they generally occur for very similar reasons even when each accident is unique in some material way.

Overweight cargo

One of the most common reasons for truck accidents is overweight trailers. Many times the shipment contractor will load the trailer in excess of the weight limits because they are attempting to reduce the number of trailers being hauled. Additionally, containers can easily be loaded in an unbalanced fashion by the contractor that makes them susceptible to tipping over when negotiating curves.

Malfunctioning equipment

Another common reason for big-rig mishaps is failing mechanical equipment, and in particular worn braking systems and stripped tire treads. Steering assembly maintenance is important as well, and many times inability to control the vehicle in any manner will be a material fact in the accident case if it goes to a full trial. Trucking companies are required to inspect rig equipment on a regular basis and make necessary repairs as well as perform in-route inspections.

Driver error

All truck drivers must make decisions while in transit on a regular basis, and many times when they fail to respond properly the result is a big rig accident. Even failing to provide a turn signal can result in an horrific incident, but other issues such as failing to yield on an entrance ramp or not braking soon enough can cause a collision as well.

These are just some the most common categories for why truck accidents occur in Georgia.


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