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Temperatures and dangers may soon increase

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Catastrophic Injuries |

Heat rises when the summer season arrives, and some years could be hotter than previous ones. A powerful heatwave could shatter records, leaving people struggling to get through a Georgia summer. Research suggests that temperatures may continue to increase in the coming years, causing more than discomfort and high energy bills. Heat-related fatalities might increase, as well.

A slight rise in temperatures may lead to fatalities

Hot temperatures could have an adverse effect on the human body, as heat stroke statistics show. Researchers from several universities published their findings in the Nature Medicine journal. The researchers suggested that a temperature increase of 1.5°C and 2°C could result in more than 2,000 deaths per year.

Exposure to excessive heat might leave someone suffering from dehydration, heat strokes, or other life-threatening issues. Underlying conditions might contribute to deaths. Someone with a heart condition could succumb to heat-related stress, for example.

Negligence and heat-related injuries

Negligence may play a role in heat-related catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Imagine a vehicle breaking down on a desert road due to a botched repair job. The stranded driver might suffer through the hot weather and experience an otherwise avoidable tragedy.

Poorly maintained apartment complexes and other buildings may present dangers to tenants when air conditioning systems fail. Workers not provided with necessary breaks, access to water, or proper safety equipment might experience harm, too.

As with auto mechanics, poor repair jobs on HVAC systems could lead to critical failures when heatwaves arrive. Ultimately, any negligence that results in someone suffering harm may lead to a lawsuit. With the potential increase in temperatures looming, more people may suffer injury than in previous years.


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