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Pursuing a truck accident claim

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Truck accidents could leave those injured in the collision seeking compensation. Damage to a vehicle and a trip to the emergency room might only reflect the beginnings of the costs involved post-accident. Not surprisingly, those hurt by a negligent truck driver in Georgia may wish to settle their claim quickly. Things might not move as fast as some prefer, however, since there could be several steps to address the claim.

Closing legal matters related to truck accidents

The process commonly begins with an investigation. An insurance adjuster would be one person who’d review the evidence in the case. A police report, combined with eyewitness and photographic evidence, may present a picture of the crash. For example, a red light camera could catch the truck going through an intersection illegally, and a police report might reveal the truck driver was intoxicated. Such information could then play a prominent role in any legal proceedings.

Medical reports may detail the direct costs suffered by victims, and so might any estimates from body shops. Other losses may end up supported by documentation, such as reports about lost earnings and wages. A victim may seek claims for these losses along with potential punitive damages.

Insurance claims and lawsuits

For many victims, an insurance settlement could be the preferred way to procure compensation after truck accidents. An insurance company might not move as swiftly as someone wishes, and the company could even drag its feet unnecessarily. While the insurance company may need to review a significant amount of evidence, the provider could get into legal trouble not moving with good faith.

Lawsuits could take longer than insurance settlements, but some defendants may seek to settle the matter to avoid a jury trial. Some accidents may involve more than one responsible party, which might mean several defendants, creating possibly lengthier civil actions. That said, even when there are claims against several parties, the legal matters might conclude in a timely fashion.


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