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Are rollovers worse when a truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

A rollover represents one of the most dangerous outcomes during a car crash. With a rollover, the vehicle overturns, and the roof may not support the vehicle’s weight, sometimes causing crushing injuries to those inside. There are numerous vehicles on the road in Georgia, and all run the risk of experiencing a rollover accident, with trucks facing a greater chance of driver and passenger fatalities.

Trucks and rollover accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) logs various statistics related to vehicle accidents and injuries. Reviewing the entity’s data provides a potential way for drivers and passengers to understand safety steps and avoid risky driving behavior. Truck owners might find the IIHS statistics about rollovers alarming, as research indicates 48% of truck occupants died in crashes involving rollovers. That figure is more than double the one reflecting car rollover fatalities.

Not surprisingly, SUV rollover crashes have a high fatality rate: 45%. Like trucks, the excessive weight could make the rollover even more deadly. That said, even when the vehicle “only” goes on its side or does not compress when upside down, people could die from injuries from the impact.

Negligence and rollovers

Avoidable truck accidents could leave survivors of fatal truck collisions furious that a loved one lost their life due to negligence. A driver speeding far above the speed limit may make an ill-advised turn when traveling too fast. A rollover might then happen. Speeding, combined with making an obviously dangerous turn, could support negligence claims against the driver.

Any negligent action that causes a car or truck crash opens legal doors for liability claims. Distracted and even fatigued driving are examples of negligence, along with drunk driving.

Liability or uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage could cover losses after an accident. Some accidents may lead to a lawsuit, depending on the situation.


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