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How deadly are red light accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Drivers don’t always follow fundamental traffic laws, leading to avoidable accidents on Georgia roads. While some may never go through a stop sign, they might not hesitate about running a red light. When a vehicle approaches an intersection just as the light turns red, risk-taking drivers might speed ahead, increasing the chances of a crash.

Red light accidents are on the rise

Drivers running red lights present more dangers than many people may realize. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety performed data analysis of 2017 accident statistics, discovering 939 people died in incidents involving drivers going through red lights. The information reveals that passengers represent the highest number of people killed in such collisions, although drivers face high fatality rates as well. The data points out that pedestrians and bicyclists faced mortal injuries after incidents involving someone running a red light.

A red light means stop, even when the light recently turned. That’s the case even when the light recently turned. When the light goes from yellow to red, traffic must stop and not rush through. Doing so increases the chances of an accident.

Negligence and running red lights

Drivers could compound the negligence by committing more than one moving violation. Running a red light doesn’t always mean going straight through the intersection. A driver could make a left-hand turn on red, potentially increasing the risks of a collision.

Road rage and utter impatience could factor into a collision. The driver’s behavior could be challenging to defend. An impatient driver might feel annoyed at a driver in front who stops at a red light. So, that driver passes the stopped vehicle and bolts through the red light. Perhaps the reckless driver passed on the right through a bicycle lane.

Obeying the law and defensive driving could diminish accident risks. Stopping at a red light is a basic safety point well worth following.


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