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Do teenagers get into more car accidents than adults?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

According to the CDC, teenage drivers in Georgia are three times more likely than adult drivers to get involved in a fatal car accident. Teenage drivers have much less experience than adult drivers, making them more likely to take risks and distract themselves while they’re on the road. You can’t keep your teenager off the road forever, but you can take precautions to reduce their likelihood of getting into a wreck.

How can you reduce a teen’s accident risk?

The vehicle can’t do all the work, but a modern vehicle with the latest safety features could reduce your teenager’s risk of getting into a car accident. If your teen does get in an accident, the safety features could minimize damage and potentially save their life. Buy your teenager the most modern vehicle you can afford so that you can take advantage of features like cruise control, pedestrian detection and emergency brakes. This could reduce the risk of injuries, fatalities and personal injury lawsuits.

On another note, talk to your teenager about the dangers of distracted driving. Hundreds of accidents happen simply because the driver looked away from the road for a few seconds. Educate your teenager about the dangers of texting, talking on their phone, using apps and scrolling through social media while behind the wheel. Even having another person in the vehicle could distract them if they keep talking during the trip. If your teen gets into a motor vehicle accident, the other party could use evidence that your teen was distracted against them.

What if someone hits your vehicle?

Even a minor accident could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Whatever the case, a negligent driver is responsible for their actions and for paying your damages. You may want an attorney’s help to file a claim and seek compensation.


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