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Does the summer bring added car accident risks?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The summertime becomes the season when people like to travel. Road trips to various Georgia destinations provide some relaxation time. Even short trips to local establishments may peak in the summer. For commuters, both long and short summer trips mean dealing with more drivers. The bustling activity that comes from drivers, pedestrians, and others could boost warm-weather accident risks.

Car accidents in the summer

Drivers face a wide array of added risks in the summer. An increase in construction projects might drive dangers up. Cold and rainy weather doesn’t make road work or other heavy-equipment jobs easier. So, many projects won’t start until the summer, impacting road conditions. Navigating construction zones requires defensive driving skills, which still won’t cut risks down to zero.

Motorcyclists enjoy going out on their bikes in nice weather. Unfortunately, some motorcyclists may not follow traffic laws or operate safely, leading to accidents. Similar worries may come with bicyclists, too.

And people do like to get out and walk around. Some may choose to jog. No matter how pedestrians travel by foot, they do present some concerns. Hitting a pedestrian might result in tragic consequences.

Negligence and the summer driving scene

Some car accidents happen due to unavoidable factors, such as weather-related incidents. Other times, negligence factors heavily into a collision. Distracted driving may increase during the summer, as drivers may spend more time focusing on the radio than the highway. Distracted pedestrians may wander into the street, unaware of oncoming traffic. Often, distracted actions are negligent ones that open the offending party to a lawsuit.

Intoxicated and fatigued driving may occur with more frequency in the summer. Such underlying reasons might not come close to providing an acceptable excuse for an accident. Hopefully, anyone who causes an auto accident has enough liability insurance to cover the financial repercussions. Injured persons may be left unable to work and facing mounting medical costs.

An attorney could assist accident victims with their claims. The attorney may negotiate with an insurance provider or file any necessary lawsuits to recover funds.


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