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Options for filing a claim when hit by a drunk driver

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A drunk driver could lose control of their vehicle and create a massive disaster on a Georgia road. People injured by a drunk driver might find themselves facing a long recovery. When the negligent driver has adequate auto liability coverage, seeking a settlement becomes an option for the injured. However, deliberation could work in a victim’s favor. Rushing to settle with an insurance company might lead to a regrettable outcome.

Assessing losses after a drunk driving incident

One reason to avoid rushing into a settlement centers on the injury diagnosis. Some problems might not manifest right away, and discovering some complications may require extensive medical examinations and tests.

An insurance company might feel motivated to settle claims without delay because it wants to pay as little as possible. Unfortunately, the insurance company could keep an eye on its financial interests and seek fast closure.

Those unfamiliar with how the process works might not realize that a settlement comes with a “release of liability.” Once a claimant signs the release, the process ends with the settlement amount. If it turns out there are worse medical issues to contend with later on, signing the release of liability ends the ability to seek further damages.

Issues of concern to those injured by a drunk driver

Working with an attorney may help someone negotiate a drunk driving accident settlement. An attorney might compile the necessary evidence to counter a low figure and advise on any lawsuit actions possible.

The drunk driver might not have adequate insurance, but he or she may have assets that make the lawsuit worthwhile. Additionally, the injuries may be so severe that suing beyond the policy seems advisable. Some drivers even carry an umbrella policy, opening doors for a higher settlement from the excess coverage.

If the driver has no insurance, those carrying uninsured motorist coverage might negotiate with their provider. A personal injury attorney may help here as well. Meeting with an attorney to discuss the specifics of the case could prove valuable.


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