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What are some common causes of truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Tractor-trailers and semi-trucks remain familiar sights on roads all over the United States. Many drivers perform their duties exceptionally, but the chances of an accident involving a truck in Georgia increase when a driver acts negligently. Many causes for truck accidents seemingly repeat time after time, even though professional truck drivers might know better. Victims who suffer because a driver commits a common mistake could seek compensation after an accident.

Bad behavior behind the wheel

Improper operation of the vehicle may contribute to a significant number of crashes. Speeding might seem like a way to get somewhere faster, but driving beyond the legally posted limit opens doors to accidents. Large trucks need extensive distance to come to a complete stop, and speeding could undermine the ability to stop safely.

Tailgating or making unsafe lane changes also increases the chances of an accident. Drivers flagrantly violating the rules of the road might find themselves negligent for any harm.

Driving while impaired might also prove problematic. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol reflects dangerous activities. Taking to the wheel when too tired or struggling through a cold could also increase an incident’s chances. Engaging in distracted driving behaviors, such as talking on the phone, might also create hazards.

Overall, a truck driver has a duty to avoid behaviors that put others in harm’s way. However, the driver is not the only party that might need to stick to this rule.

Trucking companies may share fault

Companies that employ truck drivers also have a duty of care. Forcing a driver to work too many hours in violation of federal statutes might open trucking companies to negligence suits. The same could be true when the company does not maintain the vehicles and put unsafe trucks on the road. Companies choosing to take risks to cut down on expenses might find themselves facing multimillion-dollar lawsuits if a wrongful death occurs.

And what of the truck driver’s record? Continuing to employ a dangerous driver might be negligent behavior by the trucking company.

Several reasons exist why truck crashes could occur. When negligence is a factor, the driver and a trucking company might face a lawsuit from an injured victim.


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