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The dangers of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Georgia residents know that getting into a car crash can be devastating. Many of them are also aware that getting into a crash with the truck can be even more devastating. While car crashes involving cars versus cars or cars versus pedestrians can be devastating, crashes involving trucks versus pedestrians or trucks versus smaller cars can be even more devastating simply because of the way trucks are built. The following covers just a few of the reasons why crashes involving trucks can be a lot more serious than any other type of crash.

Why are accidents involving trucks more devastating?

Trucks are a lot bigger than other cars. In addition to their size, they are often much heavier. This means that impact with one of them can lead to serious injury, death and/or heavy damage to your vehicle.

Trucks also take longer to stop than regular cars do. A standard car can stop relatively quickly to try and avoid hitting a pedestrian or slamming into another car. Because of their sheer size, though, trucks take much longer to stop, increasing the likelihood of impact and personal injury.

Another reason that truck crashes are more devastating is that the line of sight of their drivers is usually more limited due to truck sizes. This means that if the truck tries to make a sudden turn, its driver may not be aware of any cars alongside it.

Who to turn to after car accidents involving trucks?

People who have gotten into truck accidents may benefit from working with attorneys who have lots of experience dealing with this type of law. They may be able to provide them with the information they’ll need to achieve a good outcome with their cases.


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