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Two men arrested on drug charges after Valdosta car crash

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

People in Valdosta and the surrounding areas of Georgia can face criminal charges in a variety of different circumstances. Traffic arrests are frequently related to a law enforcement stop and investigation. However, one incident can lead to another and be the catalyst for criminal charges. One recent case involved two men who were accused of drug charges after one was in a car accident. The evidence in such a case must be scrutinized and those who are dealing with these alleged violations should be aware of the value of a strong criminal defense.

Auto accident leads to drug charges

Two men, both 23, were arrested for drug and weapons crimes after one was in a car crash. The accident happened in the afternoon. Law enforcement was called after the accident and one of the men was seen going back and forth between his vehicle and another vehicle. He was taking items from one to the other. Officers went to the second vehicle and found the driver of the vehicle that had been in the accident talking to the driver of the second vehicle. They said they smelled marijuana.

The vehicle was searched and more than 1,800 grams of marijuana was discovered. Officers also found a handgun and paraphernalia that is generally believed to be linked to selling and distributing drugs. The marijuana they found is said to have street value of more than $36,000. The men are charged with felonies for marijuana possession with intent to distribute; possession of drug paraphernalia; drug possession in a school zone; and weapons charges.

Understanding the penalties for drug crimes and fighting the charges

People dealing with drug and weapons charges should be cognizant of the possible penalties they may face if they are convicted. Not only might there be an extended jail sentence, but there can be fines and the challenges that accompany having a felony on their criminal record even after they have served their debt to society. Combating the allegations is essential.

The evidence could be in question, especially since it was accrued after a unique set of circumstances. There may be a plea agreement available or an acquittal could be possible. Before saying or doing anything to make the situation worse, it is wise to understand the rules for a search and what options could be explored. Consulting with a firm experienced with providing a defense for drug crimes and other charges may help with a case.



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