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What are the gun control laws in Georgia?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

All states have their own laws when it comes to gun control. This is why, as a gun owner, you should pay close attention not just to federal laws, but also the state laws that apply to where you live or where you are visiting.

In Georgia, gun control laws are fairly mild in comparison to other states in the country. For example, unlike many other states, there is no waiting period in Georgia to buy a gun. However, there are waiting periods for licenses to carry guns.

If you want to make sure that you are acting within the law as a gun owner in Georgia, or you want to prepare to defend yourself against an accusation of a gun control law violation, you should take the time to understand the laws in place in Georgia.

What types of guns are illegal in Georgia?

Some types of guns and weaponry are completely illegal in Georgia. These include machine guns, silencers, sawed-off shotguns or rifles, or dangerous weapons such as rocket launchers, hand grenades, or bazookas.

Who is prohibited from owning a firearm in Georgia?

There are restrictions for convicted felons, those convicted of drug crimes, and those with mental illnesses, making them unable to carry a gun. More specifically, a mentally ill person who would be unable to legally carry a gun in Georgia is categorized as anyone who has been hospitalized for mental issues. Additionally, those who have been hospitalized for drug or alcohol abuse are also unable to carry guns in Georgia.

Can firearms be carried on or near school grounds?

For obvious reasons, it is prohibited to carry guns near or on school premises. If a person is found to have a gun on their possession near school grounds, they will face felony charges.

How can I defend myself against a gun control law violation?

If you have been accused of a gun control law violation, it is important that you are able to contest an element of the alleged crime. For example, you may be believed not to have a gun license, but if you are able to provide this license, charges will be dropped.

Make sure that you take immediate action to defend yourself against a criminal accusation in Georgia. Failing to do so may result in serious consequences.


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