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Am I a victim of negligent security?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Whenever you are on a public premises, whether it’s a shopping mall, restaurant or hotel, you have the right to be reasonably protected from dangers and hazards. This is because the premises owner has the responsibility to keep all their guests safe. This means that they should be actively maintaining their property and checking for potential hazards and risks.

While these potential dangers could take the form of a discarded object on a stairwell, a malfunctioning electricity socket or a slippery floor, a potential danger could also be people. If you have been assaulted, robbed or otherwise injured by another person on a public premises, the premises that you were on at the time could be to blame.

What is negligent security?

Public premises should offer all visitors the appropriate level of security to keep them safe. On retail premises, this will likely mean security guards that are competent at their job. In hotels, it should mean security cameras, a diligent front desk, and properly functioning and secure doors.

If you were injured by another person on a public premises, it could have been because the premises you were on failed to provide you with adequate security. For example, if you were assaulted and robbed while in your hotel room, it’s likely that the hotel door or window was not adequately secured. If the hotel owner had fulfilled their legal obligation to provide you as the guest with adequate security, you would not have suffered the injuries and financial damages that you did. This would, therefore, be an instance of negligent security.

What damages will I be able to claim if I can prove negligent security?

If you can show that the premises owner was negligent in terms of the compromised security it offered you, you’ll be able to make a premises liability claim. If successful, you’ll be able to gain back any financial damages that you lost due to the incident, including medical bills and lost wages. You’ll also be able to claim compensation for the pain and suffering caused.

If you have suffered due to poor security on a premises, it is important that you hold the premises owner responsible and that you claim the compensation you deserve.


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