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Drug charges can end a young adult’s education and career

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Criminal Defense, Drug Crimes |

There is no time in a person’s life when it is good to face drug charges. Drug crimes carry strong sentencing in many cases, often more than any other non-violent crime. However, for young adults, a drug conviction can change the trajectory of their life forever. If your child or another young adult you love faces drug charges while in school or while they are finding their way in the beginning stages of adulthood, a conviction can create a mess they may never successfully clean up.

It is always important to build a strong defense to drug charges, even if the evidence against the alleged offender seems strong. The potential costs of serving jail time and a drug conviction on their record may follow them for the rest of their life, or at least long enough that they feel the effects for the rest of their life. With a strong legal defense, a young adult may avoid unreasonably harsh punishment and still learn a valuable lesson that helps them mature.

Consequences of a drug conviction

Drug convictions affect a person in many ways, not limited to jail time and fines. Of course, jail time is one of the most significant issues that they may face, because this puts an immediate halt to all other areas of their life. While in jail, they cannot continue their education and they may lose any job that they have with no guarantee of getting it back once they serve their time.

Many universities kick out students who receive drug convictions, and others may not accept an applicant with a conviction on their record. If a young adult gets convicted on drug charges while in school, it is possible for this to end their educational career entirely.

Of course, once they serve their debt to society, society still tends to make them keep paying for it. Many apartment complexes and property management companies maintain policies against renting to anyone with a drug conviction, making it difficult to for a person who makes a mistake to start over. Similarly, many jobs demand to know about criminal convictions and simply do not hire applicants with drug convictions on their records. No matter how qualified a person is in every other arena, a drug conviction can close doors in many areas.

Don’t wait to begin fighting

If you believe you should help your child or a young person you love fight drug charges, do not wait to begin the process. Building a strong defense takes time, and the longer that you wait, the fewer defensive options there are. With a sturdy defense, the young adult you love stands a strong chance of beating the charges and getting their life back on a healthier path with greater opportunities in the future.


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