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My child was injured at a friend’s swimming pool

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Personal Injury, Premises Liability |

As the months get warmer in Georgia, it is likely that your children will get invited to pool parties at the houses of friends. Spending time by the pool can be a great way for children to socialize as well as to get exercise. When you send your child to their friends’ homes, you trust that their parents will be responsible, making sure that all children in their care are safe.

Swimming pools can present multiple dangers for adults and children alike. For younger children who are not confident swimmers, there can be a significant risk of drowning, and they should be monitored.

In addition to swimming-related injuries, many parents overlook the potential risks of being by the side of the pool. The poolside can become very wet and slippery, and children can get easily excited, often running or skipping between friends. This can lead to slips and falls that result in head injuries due to the hard surface of the poolside.

Should I take legal action against the premises owner for the injury?

After your child’s injury, it is likely that you had to pay extensive medical bills and that you had to go through an extremely upsetting ordeal, all because of the potentially negligent actions of the other parents. It is likely that you are angry that the accident was allowed to happen. In many cases, you are within your rights to make a premises liability claim against the parents, claiming that if they had carried out their duty of care, the damages would never have occurred.

How can I be successful in a premises liability claim?

You will need to have sufficient evidence of where the responsible adults were at the time of the incident, and what the circumstances were. You will need to find a causal link between the negligent behavior and the occurrence of the incident. If you are successful, you should be able to gain compensation for both financial and emotional damages.

If your child has suffered due to an injury at a swimming pool, you should take the time to understand your legal rights.


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