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Financial damages can occur when children suffer injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2018 | Catastrophic Injuries, Premises Liability |

When your child visits any property or premises that they have a right to visit, the property owner has a responsibility to provide a safe environment, regardless of their age. If your child became injured on a premises in the state of Georgia, you may be wondering whether you can take legal action. You may want to do this to draw attention to the issue and to prevent the incident from being repeated.

Certain financial damages can occur after a child is injured on a property, and these should be taken into account when making a legal claim. Many parents do not realize the amount of money they have spent as a result of a child’s injury. In addition, it often does not immediately occur to them that they will likely be able to recoup these financial damages.

Child care costs after an injury

If your child becomes injured while on a weekend trip to a shopping mall or movie theater, they may not be well enough to return to school at the start of the week. If you, as a parent, have work commitments, you may be forced to spend money on child care in order to deal with the situation.

Medical bills after an injury

Medical costs associated with an injury can be extremely costly, especially if you are not insured. If the accident was due to the negligence of the premises, these costs will feel frustrating.

How to make a successful claim

The good news is that it is possible to recoup these costs and gain additional damages due to the pain and suffering caused. To make a successful claim, you should be able to show that the premises owner was negligent in some way. You can do this by highlighting the safety precautions that were not present, and the way in which the premises was not appropriate for a young child.

If you want to make a liability claim against a premises owner, it is important that you fully understand how the law works in Georgia.


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