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How can I gain compensation after a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Personal Injury, Truck Accidents |

If you were driving in a passenger vehicle and you were involved in a collision with a truck in the state of Georgia, it is likely that your vehicle sustained significant damage. In addition, you and the passengers in your car will have likely suffered from physical injuries as well as emotional trauma.

The reason why insurance is taken out on motor vehicles is precisely to help people recover financially after they have been involved in an accident. However, many people choose to settle with less compensation than they truly deserve because they don’t understand their rights.

After an injury, there are many reasons why you would suffer financially. The most obvious of these reasons is the fact that you will need to pay for medical care, especially if you do not have adequate insurance to fund it.

In addition, a serious injury is likely to mean that you will have to spend time away from work in order to recover. This will probably result in lost wages. Even if you don’t work, there are certain things that you would expect to achieve in the day. This might include caring for your children, driving to the store and doing housework. If this is not possible for a certain amount of time after your accident, you may have to employ people to clean your house or care for your children.

Who can I sue for my injuries after a car accident?

If your insurance company is not offering you an acceptable amount of compensation as a result of your injuries, you may want to take legal action against the party that you believe is to blame. Depending on the circumstances, this could be the truck driver or the truck driving company.

In many cases, the truck driving company could be held responsible for the actions of the driver under vicarious liability law. However, if the driver is an independent contractor of the trucking company, this can be slightly more problematic.

It is important to recover fully from your injuries before attempting to take legal action against another party for the injuries you suffered after a collision with a truck.


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