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Traumatic brain injuries are common in car accidents

On Behalf of | May 12, 2017 | Car Accidents, Catastrophic Injuries, Personal Injury |

When you get behind the wheel of a car, truck or SUV, you assume some risk. Although you can drive hundreds or thousands of times with no issue, statistically, you will probably experience at least one motor vehicle crash in your life.

Many times, these crashes are minor and result in mostly damage to your vehicle. Other times, a motor vehicle crash can cause substantial injuries, even death. Georgia’s Office of Highway Safety was predicting about 1,130 fatalities on the road in 2016, with no 2017 estimate yet available. They also predicted more than 111,000 injuries due to crashes last year.

Every day, roughly 304 people get hurt in motor vehicle crashes around the state of Georgia. Sometimes these injuries are muscular, like whiplash. Other times, people suffer broken bones. For some people, however, a motor vehicle accident can result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

When that happens, it is likely that the accident will impact the victim for the rest of his or her life.

Traumatic brain injuries can completely change your life

There are several ways people sustain brain injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Sometimes they strike their head on the windshield, side window or steering wheel. Other times, the victim could get thrown from the vehicle, sustaining injuries when they collide with the ground, a tree or another vehicle. It is also possible to get a traumatic brain injury by a penetrating injury, when metal, glass or other debris from the accident hits your head and tears into it. Regardless of how the injury occurred, once you have it, it could affect you for the rest of your life.

A TBI can affect your motor function, making it harder to move or maintain your balance. It can change your ability to focus and remember things. Even your personality and overall mood can become altered after a TBI. These symptoms can make it impossible for you to return to work. They could cause strain on your closest relationships, including your marriage and your friendships. With quality medical care, you may recover some lost function or learn how to adapt to new symptoms. It is rare for those with a TBI to experience a total recovery.

Your attorney can help you get compensated for your injury

Between lost wages and medical bills, a TBI can cause serious financial issues. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney who knows Georgia law is your best option. Your attorney can negotiate with insurance companies, review settlement offers and even file a civil lawsuit to help ensure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries.

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