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Could EPA changes boost trucking safety?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

With a new administration taking over in Washington, changes to federal rules, regulations and policies are being proposed at a rapid-fire pace. Like almost anything initiated by the federal government, it may take months for various updates to roll out, and their impact might be uncertain. People in Valdosta might not even realize that some changes may affect them directly.

Trucking accidents are always cause for concern in Southern Georgia, particularly because our region sits at the crossroads for a lot of interstate vehicle traffic. Potential changes to federal trucking regulations could improve the safety of big rigs, but not in the way you might expect.

In a recent interview on Fox Business Network, a trucking company executive said that he was looking forward to a loosening of regulations put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency, which is tasked with protecting Americans’ health and the environment.

According to the executive, EPA regulations require older trucks — those without the most up-to-date safety features — to be used in his fleet. He said it wasn’t possible to retrofit the existing trucks with new the safety features, and purchasing new vehicles wasn’t an option because of the environmental requirements.

It remains to be seen if a change focused on making the trucking industry more viable could lead to fewer truck accidents. However, it seems logical that having more 18-wheelers on the road with the latest and greatest safety features could only be a benefit to the safety of drivers on the road. In any case, it’s crucial to work with an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney if you’ve been hurt in a trucking accident.


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